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North Yorkshire

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Tarmac & Asphalt

We specialise in the delivery of small loads of tarmac & asphalt up to 10 tonnes. We have a dedicated 4 wheeler for this task, which is equipped with delivery chutes to allow for tipping into wheelbarrows.

We are able to price very competitively against the major suppliers, as we calculate our prices differently allowing for greater flexibility on site.

We charge a set price for the material and then hire the vehicle for the duration of the job, from the time of leaving the weighbridge to the time of leaving site. This means that the customer controls the cost, a quicker job results in less cost.

Overall we will be a fraction of the price of ordering a small load from a major supplier once their part load charges & waiting time have been taken into account, typically 8 / tonne uncarried and up to 66 / hour, meaning a job taking 3 hours for 10tonnes will cost 278 in extra charges.

Our wagon hire for 3 hours would come to just 105, saving 173 on one job alone.

If needed, we can arrange for the material to be supplied and laid by one of our reputable contractors, and will gladly arrange for a quote.

All of our material is produced to the current European standards for asphalt production, and test data is readily available.